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Chinese Dialects

Why doesn't the Chinese course teach different Dialects along with Mandarin?

If they do teach it would it be added after Beta or will a dialect just be its own language?

November 17, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Scholars worldwide have been thinking of classifying Chinese dialects as different languages AFAIK. As a native Mandarin speaker, I can only understand basic spoken Cantonese (eg yes/no etc) if I listen very carefully.


    We have many dialects like Hakka, Hokkien, Fuchew, Teochew, Cantonese etc, I don't think dialects can teach along with Mandarin, because all of them the pronunciation is obviously various.

    Btw Teochew is my mother tongue dialects, parents are Teochew, but for me teochew & hokkien is sound similar.


    Calling Cantonese, Min, Shanghainese dialects of Mandarin is like calling French, Italian and Polish dialects of German…. Well maybe that is not the best example the way things are going I’m sure at some point the EU(Germany) will declare German the official language of Europe and force teaching of it like Chinese communist do with Mandarin.


    Well, French, Italian, Polish and German words with the same meaning are spelled differently, aren't they? Whereas I'm fairly sure that Chinese dialects are different ways of speaking the words, but the words are written the same way.


    I think a more apt example would be.... It's like calling French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Galician, Portuguese and all the Creole languages like one.

    It's my understanding that the Chinese dialects are called so because they share the same written languages. If we maintain the same standard then older versions Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese would be considered one language.

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