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"Uprostřed lesa stojí víc než sto aut."

Translation:There are more than one hundred cars in the middle of the forest.

November 17, 2017



"More than a hundred cars are standing in the middle of the forest." My translation is identical in meaning and is grammatically correct.


and has been accepted since


I find the verb "standing" to be generally awkward in English in reference to a car that is not in motion. What I mean is that it is usually understood and left out with the understanding that "there are" covers their (inert) existence at a given place. Standing is redundant in my opinion.


We already changed this in the tram sentence so we will probably do the same here.

... Done.


So why is "In the middle of the forest are more than one hundred cars" wrong?


You should use the "there are" English grammatical structure.


Is this rule somewhere given and I just didn't see it because I keep jumping through and practicing what I feel like practicing or why should I do that? I can't see anything in the Czech sentence that would force me to do so.


It is called the expletive construction. It is a rule of the English language, not Czech. At least as I have been thaught them at school and as I learned English from reading and listening to English speakers.

As I am not a native English speaker I can be easily wrong. But I believe it is necessary here.


An expletive by definition is without meaning, so why would it be necessary?

Universities are encouraging their students not to use them in their texts actually, for example see: https://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/CCS_expletive.html


I did, and it was not accepted. Reported.

Edit: My exact sentence (word bank) was “In the middle of the forest there are more than one hundred cars.” Sorry, I had not realized that my description said nothing about the position of my “there.”


I can see a problem in the definitions which I will correct. When you do discuss it here, it is good to show the exact sentence you tried and the suggestion you got.


"Amidst the forest there are more than a hundred cars standing" acceptable?


amid and amidst added

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