"Do you need this cup?"

Translation:Braucht ihr diese Tasse?

November 17, 2017



When do you use "diese" and "das"? They both mean "this" but I don't know when to use one or the other.

November 17, 2017


It is actually pretty similar to English!

You could either say: "Do you need the cup?" or "Do you need this cup?" the first being translated to "Brauchst du die Tasse?" and the latter to "Brauchst du diese Tasse?" (Tasse is female, so it's either "die" or "diese")

example with "der":

"Do you need the pen?" / "Do you need this pen?" "Brauchst du den Stift?" / "Brauchst du diesen Stift?" (Note that we need the fourth case here!)

example with "das":

"Do you need the book?" / "Do you need this book?" "Brauchst du das Buch?" / "Brauchst du dieses Buch?"

If you leave out the noun, you would never use a form of "diese/r", that would sound way too fancy, so it is:

"Das ist mein Kind." (and never "Dies is mein Kind.") for "This is my child" "Ist das dein Kind?" (and never "Ist dies dein Kind?") for "Is this your child?"

Unfortunately I don't know the proper grammatical terms, but I hope that helps!

November 17, 2017
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