Is there any chance of us getting a Mongolian course? Reason i ask is because i watched this video - - and i would like to be able to sing the song. thanks for answers!

November 17, 2017


It's complicated, my friend.

what is? the course, or what he's saying?

It is possible in the near future to develop this course.

I'm sure they'll get to it eventually.

I agree. But I’d stress the eventually a bit as they’ll probably do Cantonese and 1-2 languages of India first (considering the new Chinese course and upcoming Hindi course).

If you want to enhance the chances for Mongolian you can like this discussion, which is the oldest discussion for Mongolian.

Supposedly Duo takes these into account when deciding which language to add next.

I have seen the lyrics for this song, both in Mongolian and English. The name of the song is Chinggis Khan and it's about how great Genghis Khan was. I tracked it down after hearing it on the Netflix series Marco Polo. Batzorig appears singing the song in the final episode of the first (and only good) season.

There is another pretty cool Mongolian song called Tres Golin Magtal about five Mongolian rivers.

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