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Deutsche Welle Level Test

They offer level tests online up to a B1 level. I'm so happy because I took the B1 test and got 67%! It recommends B2 lessons in order to advance. I hope they offer a B2 level test soon. It seems they only offer up to B1. I'm really happy because the only methods I have used for German are Duolingo and a lot of listening to German radio, podcasts, and YouTube videos, and I started with zero knowledge and got my basics from Duolingo.

Thank-you Duolingo for getting me started and interested in German!

November 17, 2017



Thanks good to hear, what about your other languages you've learned from Duolingo how far along have those come?


The flags on my profile are not very accurate. Spanish I just tested out of the whole tree quickly to test Duolingo, because I'm already fluent in Spanish because I have lived in Spain 20 years. (I'm from the USA). I discovered Duolingo while working on French and tested out of that tree because my French had already become good outside of Duolingo. My French is somewhere between C1 and C2. A language school even hired me here in Spain as a French teacher for B2 adults class. The method I follow is based on much listening. I listen to German and French every day when I walk to work or do any activity where my mind is unoccupied. The German flag at level 24 is German from French and the French flag is French from German. The other flags are kind of meaningless because I got all excited about Duolingo and started working on several languages at once. I've totally abandoned that because for now I want to concentrate on getting my German to the same level as French and Spanish. I am so "in love" with anything French or German now!

---I just reread what I wrote and I think I shouldn't have said "meaningless". There is work involved, and anything you do to learn a language is worthwhile and meaningful! I just meant that I'm not progressing there at all. Someday I hope to pick them up again and learn them if possible.


Not sure if you'll read this, but I'm curious how long you worked on your German tree. How fast did you complete it?

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