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  5. "One new bicycle"

"One new bicycle"

Translation:Baiskeli moja mpya

November 17, 2017



Are there any rules for the ordering of the adjectives? Do numbers always precede all other adjectives? Is there a general structure for the order (eg. something like English's quantity-quality-size-age-shape-color-proper_adj-quantifier-noun) Can't seem to find anything online after a cursory internet search of "Order of Swahili Adjectives".


According to my book (Simplified Swahili by Peter M. Wilson): Adjectives can follow one another in any order, except that adjectives descriptive of quantity usually come at the end of the list. That is why my reply was "Baiskeli mpya moja", which was marked as incorrect. :(


Yes there is a preferred order. I know that possessives take priority, then (I think) demonstratives, then numbers then other adjectives.
So you get "Watoto wetu watatu wadogo" (our three small children). But someone else might correct me.


Bumping this - an answer would be nice!

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