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Lingot Glitch or Won the Lottery? :/

Hey y'all!

This is my alternate account as my "regular" is used for my school and, therefore, I don't have access to the Discussion feature. I use this account for answering questions or asking my own.

And now that that's out of the way, to the point.

So my friend logged onto Duolingo when suddenly she had 129 lingots. She had 29 lingots the day before and never gained any in between.

What in the world happened? Did she win the lottery or is it a glitch?

November 17, 2017



Oh yes.... the dreaded lingot glitch. Don't worry, it happened to me two weeks ago and it has happened to tons of other people. I've seen at least five disscusions over it, so she's not the only one. This hasn't happened for almost two weeks now, so I'm actually quite surprised it's happening again.


She could have just been given 100 in a forum post. The lingot glitch, as in the one that has occurred a few times over the past weeks, has typically led to higher gains. I think it is the former option.


That’s true, but I think it depends. Some people received tens of thousands of lingots and in the last lingot glitch I only received 1000 more.


Yup, you just have to refresh more. Plus, the problem is that it isn't equal. Also, you rarely get tons of lingots on a post, meaning there are few "amazing" posts. I got 64 lingots on a post once.


What is the highest lingot number for you?

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