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  5. "The dog is slow."

"The dog is slow."

Translation:개가 느립니다.

November 17, 2017



What is the basic form of 느립니다? Is it 느리다?


Is there a reason I'm always ㄴ said as a d? I think the only time I hear it as an N is when it's followed by an ㅏ. All the other times I hear do-re for song de for yes and now Im hearing de-rim for slow. Is it just my ears that are stupid?


Me too and I don't know the reason


개가 느려요 and 개가 느립니다 is the same thing, so why did it say I was wrong?


I think 개가 느립니다 is more formal than 개가 느려요


I think one is formal and the other is casual


your answer is correct and most of the time duolingo will count that form as correct. it used to only accept the high formal way though and i guess they haven't fixed this one yet, as i had the same issue :/


It's still considered a beta


Mnemo for German speakers.

'Nölen' means in Northern Germany spoken language 'to do something slowly /because of lack of motivation.' Nöl nicht so rum! ' (Get going with your task. Don' t slow down, doing more complaining than actual work)

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