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Suggestion for a possible clarification

I have a 'suggestion' regarding the last 3 words of the sentence << "Some nouns, like l'élève ("the student"), have the same spelling and meaning in both forms." >.

Where I found that sentence: It was (and it probably still is) the first sentence of the second paragraph under the [sub-section?] heading "Noun Genders", under the (section) heading "Tips and notes", at [the URL] https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Animals .

At first, I was confused. I did not understand that (and I did not know whether) the phrase "in both forms" meant "both in the masculine form and in the feminine form". (Does it?)

If so, then I would suggest to change "in both forms" to something like "in both the masculine and the feminine forms".

Just a suggestion.

November 17, 2017



Thank you for the suggestion. I like it. I sent it to the team for review.


The note has been updated. Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm not sure how there would be any confusion about it since that whole explanation is listed under the heading of "Noun Genders". But if it can be made any more plain, it will be done.


But the actual genders were not defined. "Both forms" was mentioned before defining what the French gender forms are: "masculine" and "feminine." For all they know, French could also have more than three genders like German.

We can add something simple in the beginning like "French has two grammatical genders: masculine and feminine." Then it would be plain.

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