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Turkic Languages for English Speakers?

Hey y'all!!

With Turkish being on duolingo for the longest time ever, why haven't any other turkic languages been introduced or put into the incubator? I would love to see Kazakh, Turkmen, Uzbek, Uyghur, Azerbaijani, Volga Tatar(my native language) put onto duolingo!

I have requested for Volga Tatar for English Speakers for ever and I still have gotten nothing. But for sure I would LOOOOOVVVEEE to learn Uzbek and Kazakh. Wouldn't you?

November 17, 2017



I am from Pakistan and I really want Urdu and so does my bro, but my brother has a huge passion of languages and the languages you listed, my brother loves those and he wants those.


You and your brother have good taste. :)


ABSOLUTELY!!!!! I love every language that you have listed in this thread right here, and I fully support a course for each one. Personally I would also love to see a course for Kyrgyz and Chuvash as well!

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