"Quanto sal ele precisa?"

Translation:How much salt does he need?

March 15, 2013



Some non-native English speakers may be learning a 3d language through English. While it isn't a correct form, a non-native speaker may use it and lose a heart... For some people it may be discouraging: after all, they only try to use the app to get to a third language and English for them is just a stepping stone, not a goal in itself. Possibly, the app creators had that in mind.

January 31, 2014


I am in the same situation but I dont think it's a problem. In this case I forgot the "does", I'll remember it next time, so I'm improving my english while I'm supposed to learn portugese, it's great ! :-)

May 27, 2014


"How much salt he needs" is not correct English. "How much salt does he need" should be the only right answer.

March 15, 2013
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