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  5. "你可以帮我丢垃圾吗?"


Translation:Can you help me to throw away the trash?

November 17, 2017



Throw away the trash and throw the trash away should both be accepted.


"Can you help me throw away the trash" was rejected.


This is not natural English. To throw something away is to put it in the trashcan. You don't need help with that. What you might need help with is taking the trash out. Like the plastic bag inside the bin needs to go outside into a bigger bin or to be collected. It may well be that "throwing rubbish away" and "taking out the trash" both translate to the same phrase in Chinese. But either way the English should be changed to something English speakers actually say instead of mixing two concepts that are distinct in English.


If there's a lot of trash that needs to be thrown into the trashcan, let's say after a big party, you just might want some help.


I think 帮 in this case should be better translated as "for", it's not really help but more like "Can you throw the trash away for me, please"


When 帮 means “for” and not “help”

A common use of 帮 in Chinese is to talk about actions that are done for other people. The structure is exactly the same as above, but it doesn't mean “help” in English. This use of 帮 isn't about people co-operating to do something together (“help”), it's about one person doing something on behalf of another (“for”).


"Can you take the trash out for me?" would also be a good translation, as 'cagprado' suggested. However, asking for help to carry out a large amount of trash also makes sense too.


We take out the trash. We don't throw it away.


Same as above, "to" is not necessarily needed.


"can you help me put the rubbish out" ...as in the household chore....was rejected and I'm wondering if it's acceptable or not?


I think ”take out the trash" is more idiomatic and while it'd commonly be implied to mean throwing a bit of rubbish e.g. a food wrapper, if placed in the context of a household chore, it is acceptable.


So used to hearing le'se lol


I'd use "for me" rather than "help me to". “帮” is often translated as a preposition rather than a coverb.


"Can you help me throw out the rubbish?" also ok.


I think throw out should be accepted too


'the' is not necessary.


Google translate shows the pinyin for 垃圾 as "lèsè" instead of "lājī" shown here. Google shows this pronunciation when the characters are displayed separately though. Are these just alternative pronunciations or is one wrong?


It said "help me to throw away" is an alternative, but "to" is never use between help and another verb.

Help me lift this. Help him read that. Help her do blahblahblah.


We can use 'help sb do sm' or 'help sb to do sm'. Both are correct and idiomatic.


"Could you help me" should be acceptable, more so than "Can you help me". It is a standard way to ask an indirect question.


Nobody is gonna talk about the broken grammar here is actually the use of 丢, 丢 means lost. 扔掉 means throw away, 帮我把垃圾扔掉. I've learnt Chinese for years, trust me.


why is the trash in Chinese sound like la-zi ? fking exception?

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