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"What is the most famous animal in China?"


November 17, 2017



The Chinese literally translates to "Which Chinese animal is most famous?" - I know that substantially it's the same thing, but the phrasing is not 100% the same. I think perhaps 中国最有名的动物是什么? better fits the English.


That's correct too; colloquially the given one is acceptable, it's like asking you to fill in the blanks at (什么动物).


I struggled to put this sentence together without a 在 and 是, can someone help me out here?


I'll give it a shot: it's like asking you to fill in the blanks at (什么动物), which isn't very satisfactory because this is a rather colloquial question, even without the 的.


Thanks, can't believe I never saw your reply. Here's a lingot.


No worries. Feel free to ask more questions and enjoy learning!
Oh and thank you, you didn't have to. I'm happy to help, which is one of the main reasons why I started the course in the first place. :)


Thanks, you have me the direction how to think it. Now i see China: what animal is most famous?

[deactivated user]

    The most infamous animal in this Chinese tree is the nefarious Green Mocking Owl; most times it doesn't seem to give a hoot!


    中国什么动物最有名is better than 中国的什么动物最有名。 中国的什么动物最有名should be "what is the most famous Chinese animal".


    Can you say,,,,, 中国最有名的动物是什么?


    Yes, that's correct.


    No, they mean the same thing. The given one is more colloquial, so I agree that it's more accurate without the 的.


    The word bank answer is literally translated as "China's what animal (is) most famous?" Kind of an odd way to phrase it. August 12, 2019


    These are not the same things.

    "The most famous animal in China" might not be Chinese, but the sentence is clearly "which is the most famous Chinese animal?"

    Two completely different questions.

    The longer this course goes on, the less informative it is. It's good for lexis, but the 5th level is packed with errors (audio, hints, incorrect grammar and simply inscrutable sentences). The "it's free" excuse loses impact at this stage. There doesn't appear to be any updates on the answer bank when I revise. I've enjoyed it (overall), but the idea that I'd pay for this course is laughable.


    Can I turn it around a bit and say 什么中国的动物最有名?


    No, that'd be 什么动物在中国最有名?= "What animal is most famous in China?".


    Couldn't 中国的动物 mean "Chinese animal" (instead of "animal in China") and then construct the phrase around it - would that work? And can you start a sentence with 什么?


    Tricky syntax. Literally, "China's what animal most famous?" (literally "hav-name").


    could I ask: "中国有名的动物是什么" ?


    中國什麼的動物最有名 was marked wrong. Why?


    什麼 is a question word and it doesn't take 的 after it. It's just 什麼動物


    after country name there is no "的“. so ‘chinese ’ is ‘中国

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