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  5. "今年春节我不能跟家人一起过。"


Translation:I cannot celebrate Chinese New Year with my family this year.

November 17, 2017



I know it's difficult to make a course for Chinese, but the focus ends up being more on remembering the registered correct translation rather than learning the meaning of the words and being able to independently translate.


I agree completely, I can't believe they don't give definitions to new characters that are introduced, I keep google translate open to get a better idea of translations. Also leave the discussion window open so you don't have to keep guessing the sometimes weird translations. I still feel this course helps, but you must try more than one method of learning.


I treat duo as a supliment to my learning, so i spend the time independantly learning the character, soecifically i use pleco with shk1,2, and 3 deck. This covers most of the words used in the duo course.


I got started with Hello Chinese, a free phone app that is super fun. It has a lot of language lessons. Also, the Duo program on the computer does explain some concepts but it crashes all the time and it has a speech delay. I wish they'd fix that. Plus, does anyone know how to shut off the Traditional toggle on the computer program? Mine won't budge.


Aside from Duolingo I use these apps from the Google Play store: 1.) SuperChinese 2.) HSK Online 3.) LingoDeer


Absolutely and where is the "Chinese" in this statement ? It says "New Year" only. Totally ridiculous and such long lessons every time. French and Italian have around five questions in each unit of a level. Then there is the additional problem of dealing with such different writing.

This course needs a lot of work it is crazy.


Actually "春节" translates to "Spring Festival", which is an accepted answer to this question. However, in English, "Chinese New Year" is the term more commonly used than "Spring Festival" so the translation states it as such.


I think these questions should have some more flexibility. I understand you can only have so many acceptable answers but I do feel the answer, "I'm not able to spend This Spring Festival with my family. " should be counted as correct for this question.

I'm new to the site and I thank you guys for adding Chinese 非常感谢你们!


That is what I wrote. We just don’t natuarally say celebrate in English. We would say “I can’t be with my family on Christmas” you can still celebrate at another time, so we just wouldn’t say it like that. Sometimes an exact translation is just awkward.


"I cannot celebrate the Spring Festival with my family this year" should be accepted as well. Reported on Nov. 19, 2017.


Chun jie is literally spring festival but is commonly known as New Years. This "Chinese" New Years is based on the lunar calendar (moon's cycle), so technically Lunar New Year should be accepted as well. China is great and all, but ONLY accepting "Chinese New Year" is inflexible. Chinese people aren't the only Asians to celebrate Lunar New Year. Most other Asians celebrate it too.


my answer wasnt accepted :( it was

i cannot celebrate chinese new year together with my family this year


'I can't be with my family for Spring Festival this year' should be accepted or not?


Yes it really should


"过” here is too hard to translate. This word includes many meanings, not only "celebrate", when we say 过节.


this is bad because the translations can vary. A solution to this problem should be choosing the words instead of typing the sentence.


"This year I can't spend the spring festival with my family" should be OK. Why is it not accepted


As an IT guy, I think Duolingo's database for the English translations is either too small or they are still working on it. As a Chinese American, I don't think those programmers know enough both for English grammar and Chinese grammar or live long enough in the US at least.


It's ridiculous that in the last module only the Spring Festival was accepted as 春节,but now only Chinese new year can be accepted as an answer...


I cannot celebrate Chinese New Year with my family this year. sounds moe natural. And together is understood.


I can not celebrate New Year with my family this year. ( this answer still correct, do not need to put Chinese new year) because in the question doesn't have Chinese new year. Pl not: Now aday most people don't say Chinese new year but say Luna New year!


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but seriously, this sentence has been screwed up for a year now, it's really bad.


I wrote : "I can not celebrate spring fesyival with my family this year" not accepted but author wrote : "I can not celebrate Chinese new year with my family this year "

author please tell me the meaning of 春节


Chinese people aren't the only Asians to celebrate Lunar New Year. Most other Asians celebrate it too. So Lunar New Year should be accepted is an flexible answer.

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Jan 2020: so sadly true.


where is "Chinese" in this sentence?


Celebrate is wrong in this sentence, it means庆祝, not 过春节. The corrct answer should also be visit


春節。。。is spring 新年。。。is new year


My answer is correct for this question. Just different arrangement in english sentence


"spend" should be an acceptable substitute, if not the only correct response to this question (if you can only have one. I do recognise that Mandarin Chinese is a contextual language and the context does allow for "celebrate"). To "过" is to "pass", to "weather", to "experience" etc. whereas "庆祝" is to celebrate.


They marked "Can't" as incorrect.


why "Not able to" is wrong?


i typed" I can not celebrate Chinese New Year with my family this year." and it marked it wrong :(


I know it is busy work to add many English translations to the database, but "cannot", "can't" and "not able to" mean the same thing.


"This year I cannot celebrate Chinese new year with my family" is a perfectly acceptable answer. Your program needs a little bit more flexibility.


Agreed. My answer wasn't accepted either. "This year I can't celebrate New Year's with my family." 4.30.19


Is "今年我不能跟家人一起过春节" possible?

[deactivated user]

    I can't go with my family this Spring Festival.

    Isn't it correct? I mean in direct translation, there aren't any words that mean "celebrate". It may contain this meaning in speaking but it's written in here so I think my answer should have accepted


    I can't go home with my family this year for the spring festival should work (but it doesn't)


    "This year I am not able to celebrate the Spring Festival with my family" seems a proper translation. There should be a personal override when the system tells you it is wrong if they are not going to significantly expand the English translation options.


    it is lunar new year and, This Chinese new year I cannot celebrate with my family should be accepted


    春节 isn't it spring festival?


    It is, did they not accept that?


    Spring festival == Chinese's new year


    May 2019, "together" is not required now, which makes for better English. I don't know if "Lunar New Year" is accepted yet, but it should be IMHO.


    I can't go with my family this Spring Festival.


    Every other way of translating was "incorrect" if you didn't guess the "correctly"


    It doesn't say was celebrated so it should be marked right without adding on it said Chinese new year but the character wasn't in the sentence


    I added "together" in this sentence, and it was marked wrong. WHY?


    This was the most frustrating answer to get correct.


    Why are missing words from the dictionary !!????

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