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  5. "桌子上面有碗。"


Translation:There is a bowl on the table.

November 17, 2017



I think "A bowl is on the table." should be accepted.

I also tried "The bowl is on the table.", but it's less clear whether that should be accepted given that this seems to be a generic statement.


Wrong, as "There are bowls" is regarded as wrong. The number of bowls is not specified in this sentence. It can mean a bowl or bowls. In the context where we talk about our observation that a single bowl exists, without mentioning other things, most likely we would say 有一個碗.


I would only say 一個碗 if it’s somehow important that there is exactly one bowl on the table. Otherwise I would just say 碗 and leave the number unspecified, even if it is in fact just one.

But aside from that I completely agree with you, “There are bowls on the table” should definitely be accepted as well.


Sound for 有碗 seems to be missing.


"There's a bowl atop the table" reported 01:16 GMT 2020Feb19


i agree with Keith308807 no quantity is mentioned


Oh, does my username still comes out as a string of number? I hate it… it's like a prison number LOL


Must be a text not linked to your username.


"On the table are bowls" should also be correct.


"On the table is a bowl" was not accepted. I don't see the difference?


"On top of" doesn't mean the same as "on" wow. I had no idea, thanks to this shit app I know now

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