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  5. "如果你来北京,你一定要去故宫。"


Translation:If you come to Beijing, you must go to the Forbidden City.

November 17, 2017



There there thereare too many the's in this sentence!


There is only one that is part of a noun now: "If you come to Beijing, you must go to the Forbidden City."
To be fair, capitalisation of said noun shouldn't be so strictly enforced in light of Duolingo's leniency in other examples.


Its incorrect to capitalize the in this case. We go to the Forbidden City, the Eiffel Tower, or the Taj Mahal.


"if you come to beijing, you definitely should go to the forbidden city" was rejected but I think it's fine


There should only be one "the" before "Forbidden City." It should accept "you must go to The Forbidden City" or "you must go to the Forbidden City."


Where the "the The" is should only be a "the"


haha, I was being lazy and didn't capitalise anything, so it rejected "if you come to beijing you must go to the forbidden city", but only for not capitalising "The"


I don't think capitalizing "the" is necessary. And I thought Duolingo doesn't care about capitalization in the answer anyways?


I thought the name was changed from Forbidden City to Imperial Palace?


"故宫" literally means "ancient palace," but in English, I've only ever heard it called "the Forbidden City."


It's not exactly the same thing. 故宫 (short for 故宫博物院) means 'palace museum'. There's one in Beijing, in the Forbidden City, and there's another (also called gugong) in Taipei, where most of the treasures of the original palace museum reside, which were evacuated along with Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomingtang in 1949. According to Pleco, 'Forbidden City' should be 紫禁城 (zi3jin2cheng4), which refers specifically to the palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in the centre of Beijing. Incidentally, both 故宫 are well worth visiting, the Forbidden City for its architecture and the National Museum in Taipei for its unparalleled collection of the treasures of ancient China.


There wasn't a "Beijing" block!


if you come to beijing, be sure to visit the forbidden city


Where I come from "have to" is used more frequently than "must" which sounds a bit stuffy. Therefore I think that "lf you come to Beijing, you definitely have to go to the Forbidden City" should also be accepted.


hold on hold on, if it's the forbidden city then should we not go to it, cuz you know it's forbidden


What's wrong with the answer ?


You definitely need to is also correct, but was marked wrong


ffs hate this chapter with so much vocab id never use

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