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Sound without text

I have been using Duoling for quite some time and love to see all the new ideas rolling out. However, I have noticed recently that trying to answer the questions without looking at the text can be quite an interesting challenge in itself.

I wonder if it would be possible for Duolingo to have section that only has sound and no text! I would like to hear what others think of this idea.

November 17, 2017



Great idea. Just let you know, it will be more useful for intermediate to upper levels. I think that it will be a hardest challenge for beginners. May be the persons will stop their learning because they find those sections hard to pass. By the way, since I am a beginner I have lost my streaks because of just trying new things out on Duolingo. I like to be in intermediate level and I will be glad to challenge myself with new exercises as you mentioned. Good Luck!


Great idea! I was thinking of this too! It helps in listening comprehension.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. As mentioned by Hannah it may not suit every level. I would certainly use it.


I'm not really sure what you are suggesting; there are already listening exercises that let you write down what you heard.


Hi Hermesianax. I imagine you must use the app perhaps as I don't have the option on my laptop. Thanks for the comment though.


But sometimes I just don't look at the phone. When it speaks, I just write down what I hear. It's a solution too. ;)


Hi Amy, Yes, that sounds a good idea too for those using the App. I have tried it on my laptop too but I tend to cheat a little! Thanks for taking the time to reply.


It would help if you were quite advanced but for me, as a beginner learning a minority language, it is better for me to read the text with pronunciation which hopefully will help me to retain it. If I repeatedly hear sounds without text I then tend to make up the spelling in my mind. I then eventually have to unlearn it as it is unvariably wrong, or worse I don't recognise the actual words when I come across them... However, listening comprehension exercises when adapted to you level, are of course very useful. Enfin bon, bon courage avec vos ├ętudes!


Hi Marie-Clai133496, I think you are right, as a beginner it probably would benefit you from reading the text but it won't be long before you won't be a beginner! As I now live in France I do get plenty of chances to hear but often there is no chance of re-hearing, which Duolingo would give me. I have been using Duolingo for several years and sometimes I feel that I just need a different approach. Merci beaucoup et bon chance a toi aussi.


Just keep your eyes closed until you've heard the audio. If there is no audio, then open your eyes to see what is required for the question. It works fine. How is this a "challenge"?

[added] Here are a few previous discussions of this: #1, #2, #3. The suggestion has been around for a few years and Duo has not implemented it, so chances are not good that they will.


Hi Slogger, I see your point but I use a laptop which tends to present the questions written above the space to write the answer and I have found it a bit difficult to use your suggestion. I was also unaware that this had been discussed before so many thanks for the detail. I think that you too have been studying for quite some time and have achieved some exceptional results, congratulations.


You are right, Restermen: Duo's screen presentation on a PC can be a real pain. Try resizing the screen, using fullscreen mode, or geting really speedy w/ PgUp and PgDn. Sometimes those workarounds can make Duo's screen presentation more usable.

Thanks for the kind words. Looks like the same words hold for you. Congratulations! Is your English score from French? (Mine is from Russian.) How utterly marvelous that you live in Britanny now--you'll get probably plenty of practice in French, unless some local patois is spoken where you are; I envy you, as my French is just about purely passive nowadays (i.e., reading only).

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