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Standalone swahili audio, first 10 chapters are finished.

The first 10 chapters are finished, they are ready for listening. The task has been completed, a new site, recording of the ten chapters are completed before 23rd of Nov(thanksgiving) per this thread beneath: thread(https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24931069)

The first 8 chapters have general recording style, on the 9th, I added some sample sentences to help with context, on the 10th, back to regular recording style.

Kingozi was the original name of Swahili/Kiswahili. Ngozi means skin, the original speakers used to wear animal skin for clothing, they were named Wangozi(skin people). I decided to name the site kingozi-chronicles --> swahili/kiswahili.

This is a simple static site, it is modular and will conform to most devices out there. So that means you can listen on mobile and listen on a desktop machine.

The chapters will drift off a bit(depending on device/browser), I tried my best as possible to cover the words in each lesson. Our discord channel has a voice section, we can assist with words should you need it(https://discord.gg/3r89c7T).

I will continue to comment on this topic in the coming days. I'm happy Duolingo started this adventure, I'm also glad I flew to Kenya via KLM airlines where I got exposed to the amazing sounding Dutch(Nederlands) language. Once I got back home, I jumped on Duolingo and started learning a new language, also living on the west coast nudged me to add another language, Spanish.

Now the adventure continues...

Go straight to the swahili samples: https://www.kingozi-chronicles.com/audio.html

That is all I have to say for now,

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November 17, 2017


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A great incentive to go back and redo the course! THANKS!


who likes it i have not tried it


Thank you for this! It's very helpful! One question though: did you pronounce the r as the English r on on purpose? In different audio I have also heard the french r and the Italian r so I'm confused.


I'll give an example of words that have R in them. I will target words with 'ri' in them. Pronounce the word 'read' but only the 're' part alone. Its subtle but the 'r' must be pronounced. It's definitely not a French 'R'(almost silent) but don't roll it too much either. If you want I can record some samples.

Here is a video to assist a bit:

I tried put you close to the word 'Karibu' as possible on these videos:




For example: -Kari(re)bu -Habari(re) -Kufikiri(re) -Kusafiri(re) -Kujari(re)bu

Hope that helps a bit.

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