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How much time does it take a Portuguese course - an answer


I just finished a Portuguese course. It took two months of learning everyday for almost exactly two months. I was learning for approximately one hour a day. Towards the and of the course you get more motivation so I spent probably more time on learning in last two weeks.

At the end of the Portuguese course I have: 9983 XP, 63% of Portuguese Fluency and 272 lingots.

I'm so happy today!

Congrats to all those people who finished more than one language course on Duolingo!

November 17, 2017



Grats, I'm motivated to complete Spanish tree by day 60. I need to pick up the pace a little but with a four day weekend around the corner I should be back on track.

Ill probably spend another month reviewing the Spanish tree before moving to reverse tree.


Well done and keep with it!

It usually takes me 3 to 4 months to finish a tree. I usually do two at a time. 21 down, ??? to go.


What happens after you complete the whole language class: you keep forgetting words. :) So each day about 5-8 lessons get their colours back (instead of remaining orange) and you have to strengthen these skills. It takes about 20 minutes a day to keep all lessons orange. Of course, you still earn XPs, day streaks, levels and lingots for practising.

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