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  5. "We ate everything."

"We ate everything."

Translation:우리들은 모든 것을 먹었어요.

November 17, 2017



Could I also say 우리들은 다 먹었어요?


I think -다 먹다 is interpreted somewhat differently, it may not be interpreted literally as "we ate it all" but instead is abstracted to add the deeper context that an entire meal was finished. So if you wanted to be literal and emphasize that some quantity of food was eaten, use 모든 것. If you want to describe that a meal / dining experience is finished, use 다 먹다.


the 들 is weird you can't use it like that.


like you can but it's unnatural


"우리가 다 먹었어요" would be more natural.


I accidentally said "우리들은 모두 먹었어요 "



no you were right... just a different way to say it no worries ^^


Sorry for the stupid question, what's the difference between 모두, 모든 and 다?


If you look at the Tips for this chapter, it explains that 모두 is a noun, 모든 is an adjective, and 다 is an adverb.

모두 can mean everything or everyone. It can be preceded by noun to indicate every X, e.g., We all = 우리 모두.

모든 comes before the noun, e.g., everyone = 모든 사람.

다 comes before the noun. It apparently can also be used alone, as in eat everything = 다 먹다.

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