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  5. "このみせはかばんがいろいろあります。"


Translation:There are all sorts of bags in this store.

November 17, 2017



I have seen "kaban" written in both hiragana and katakana. What's up with that?


i was wondering about that myself


Both are correct but written in katakana is unusual. Using the kanji (鞄) would be more common than カバン Most times it's written using hiragana only

I think :D


A few lessons ago I got it wrong because I wrote it hiragana instead of katakana.


I answered "This shop has all sorts of bags", it is a more direct translation, right?


Correct. 'in this store' would be には instead of just は。


This is hard to get correct. They are more than one ways to say the same thing


Keep reporting. I assume since this is the beta, they don't have a large selection of possibilities yet.

I am trying to type in all sorts of variants so that my students do not get frustrated.


Why is "kaban" here Hiragana? It was Katakana in other exercises.




Is 「色々」 a sort of adverb? Why doesn't it need to be separated from the verb?


Think of it like たくさん。


Adjectives need to be separated from the verb, not adverbs I think.

That's why the name adverb I believe.


Oh! Oh! Adverbs are so cool in Japanese. It's a shame Duolingo doesn't have a skill for it, yet. (いろいろ doesn't count as an adverb, by the way. Think of it like a counter.)

If you have an い-adjective (it ends with い), just take off い and add く。

あかい あかく

はやい はやく

So simple!

If you have a な-adjective (in other words, you need to add a な before you can put it in front of a noun), DON'T add a な, but instead add a に before you use it to describe a verb.

しずか in front of a noun --> しずかな ところ, but to modify a verb --> しずかに してください

きれい (careful! The い is part of the kanji, so you can't mess with it: 綺麗) --> きれいな ところ --> きれいに してください

And that's it! Adverbs are so gosh-darned easy! やさしいですよ!(They are easy!) やさしく できますよ!(You can do them easily!)


"This shop has various bags." should be correct.


I wrote "there are bags of all sorts in this store" which it also didn't accept, but its totally correct.


"This store has all kinds of bags" was marked wrong. reporting it. 7/18/2018


I answered correctly but the app not accept the answer

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