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  5. "我哥哥的鼻子像爸爸的一样。"


Translation:My older brother's nose is like father's.

November 17, 2017



Wow, they're going to have to work on possible translations, I said, my brother's nose looks like dad's.

[deactivated user]

    The course was done quickly (thanks!). You can help remove the bugs in this beta version by reporting suggested translations.


    Here's an example of a sentence where the Chinese doesn't include 的 between two family members: 我哥哥。The sentences are currently a bit random regarding this (I keep getting marked wrong for omitting it in many other sentences). Personally I'd never use it with inalienable nouns like family members and body parts, but I'm not sure if it's optional in these cases or not? Well I guess Duo is telling me that it's optional.


    I think it's technically optional but better without


    "my older brother's nose is the same as our father's" should be accepted


    Add more english answer option please.


    says I have typos?


    My big brother's nose looks like father's. Gugu is a big brother. Right


    哥哥 (gēgē) means older brother or big brother. So yes, your answer should be correct, I think. I've been consulting my chinese classmates on lots of these. This chinese course is very new, so naturally there are lots of bugs. We can all contribute to its improvement, though, by reporting issues. Its not perfect, but i still find it very helpful and useful. Cheers.


    Unfortunately, the course extremely seldom gets updated according to reports.

    [deactivated user]

      Over 60 of just my own reported suggestions have been incorporated by the moderators of the Chinese tree. I am sure others have contributed many, many more. They are doing great work!


      Another question where i had to fill in nothing


      I missed out because i didnt put in the apostrophes


      'looks like' is 看得像。


      My translation marked as wrong (( "My older brother's nose is like our father's one"

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