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  5. "你觉得学哪种语言最容易?"


Translation:Which language do you think is the easiest to learn?

November 17, 2017



Which language do you think is the easiest to learn?


It is the given translation now, thank you for reporting.


Definitely not Chinese... But I love it!


It's English! Cause i speak it :).


As an Spanish speaker its somewhat easy because you also have words from Latin, like the ones that end in -tion :)


I think my translation was better, since "do" wasn't available.


Answering without "the" should also be accepted


"Which language do you think is the easiest to learn?" was marked incorrect. Maybe I should wait a month or two for duo to get these lessons ready haha


It is much better than it was now, I would suggest half a year, since that seems to be the fastest speed for change right about now.


Which language you think is the easiest to learn?

Surely it's "Which language do you think is the easiest to learn?"

[deactivated user]

    Could this be more than one language? "Which languages do you think are the easiest to learn?"


    For that plural, use 哪些 Na3 Xie1 = Which (several). The 那种 Na3 Zhong3 they use in this sentence is implied to be singular 'which type'.



    Which language do you think is easier to study

    This should be accepted...

    学 = study as well


    This one is not correct, because the Chinese version uses 最, so it needs to be the superlative form in English (easiest), not comparative (easier).


    "Which language do you feel is the easiest to learn?"


    My answer, verbatim: "What do you think is the easiest language to study?" This was marked wrong; could someone explain why? I'm attempting to test out of many of these skills but am unable to due to the mass number of questions like this. For context, I am in Chinese 202 at university level.


    Is saying "Which kind of language ..." acceptable as well? ( instead of just "Which language ...")


    Audio for 哪种 is missing when using tiles.


    Can someone explain the purpose of 种 in the Chinese phrase? I see that is used to mean "type of", "kind of", or "species" as it relates to a group of objects. In that case, should 哪种语言 mean "which type of language"?

    I am finding this a bit confusing because "which language" and "which type of language" have different meanings in English.

    Language = English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Turkish

    Type of Language = Indo-European Family: Romance (Spanish, French), Germanic (English, German), Slavic (Russian, Polish)

    Q: Which type of language do you think is the easiest to learn?
    A: Romance languages.

    你最喜欢哪只狗?= Which dog do you like most?
    Answer: The brown one.

    你最喜欢哪种狗?= Which type of dog do you like most?
    Answer: Poodles.


    种 can be just a measure word for languages. I mean, when counting dogs with 条 instead of 只 we don't think they are ribbons. :)

    But you may be right, an I also want to know the right answer.


    I think you are right. The Chinese probably started using 种 as a measure word for languages before any of these other classifications even existed. So there would have been no confusion at that time.

    Languages = Chinese, English, French, Korean, etc.
    Dogs = Poodles, Dalmatians, Retrievers, etc.

    I am still curious as to how you would ask and answer the other question:

    Q: Which type of language do you think is the easiest to learn?
    A: Romance languages


    钟 is the measure word for languages. For instance, "He speaks five languages" is "他会说五种语言”.


    You have a typo, the first Chinese character means clock, or a surname, depends on the context, the simplified version is the same character, but the traditional character differs(鐘/鍾). Just for your reference, 种 is 種, so you can see the source of the part of the character.


    Yes, I meant 种! Thank you.


    As an native speaker I have a suggestion. Just change the question to 你認為哪個種類的語言最容易學? (種is the traditional Chinese character of 种, please excuse me for usingthemore familiar one for me) if you do want to ask which types of languages. For the duo example, '~種' was be used as a measure/counting word/unit. While 種類 refers to types(a noun), then you need to have another counting unit for it, which is 個. Yet it would not be an usual question to ask as it implies the other person have knowledge of various types of languages including the ability to use them and distinguish them. :)


    Which language do you think is easiest to learn? should be accepted the "the" is commonly omitted.


    I wrote easiest 'one' oh well ^^






    Which language do you think is most easy to learn should also be accepted


    There is nothing wrong with which language is the easiest to learn,do you think? Aaaggghhh


    Please stop marking as wrong perfectly acceptable English syntax.


    Which language do you FEEL, because THINK is xiang


    there was no 'easiest' at the words to choose from.


    最容易 means easiest


    "Which language do you feel is the easiest to learn?"

    literal translation?

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