"I eat rice."


November 17, 2017

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"吃饭" in Chinese doesn't have to mean "eat rice"--it can mean eating a meal in general.


Can you still use this sentence if your meal doesn't include rice, or would you rather say what you're eating?


Chi is the verb for eating, and Fan is a general term for "food". More specifically, rice is mifan (I do not have a chinese keyboar, sorry). You can also say what you are eating (Wo Chi ShuCai for I eat vegetables).


Yes. 饭 in chinese means food, all food in general.


Guys I really like how is this course made, but could you please correct everywhere one fundamental mistake? Rice is in Chinese 米饭 (mifan) !!! Thanks


Lol. Actually 米饭 means rice meal, 饭 (fan) is meal or food; quite a general term. Just like saying meat, but having beef and chicken as the specific kind of meat.


饭 in chinese means food, all food in general. For the sentence to say "I eat rice", it should be 我吃米饭。


How is 米饭 pronounced? Could you please write its Pinyin? Thank you!


I thought that 百饭 was often used to refer specifically to rice, as opposed to just 饭, which can refer to any kind of food. Please correct me if I'm wrong! :)


i think 白饭 refers to uncooked rice. 米饭 is cooked rice.


白饭 means white rice, as opposed to other types of rice like brown rice and glutinous rice. We usually use 米 to mean uncooked rice, 饭 to mean cooked rice, and 米饭 really specifies that it's rice. While some others have mentioned that 饭 is used to mean food in general (and this is true), it is also perfectly fine to use just 饭 to mean cooked rice. One doesn't have to use 米饭 to mean that they're eating rice, unless they really want to specify it.


I thought rice was mi fan"米饭“, but I couldn't find 米 in the word bank, so I just guess what it was but failed miserably. Later, I turned keyboard mode on and I typed it in instead and it counted. 米 might have been forgotten


I like that sentence because I like rice!


Fan means meal but mi fan means rice


You know, Mian looks like a plate on a table and Yu looks like food on a plate.


Means i eat a meal, not I eat rice!


i smashed my keyboard when i got this wrong


Where the hell have all you complainers learned chinese? If you have formal lessons why are you on duolingo..


"饭" can mean meal because how I say meal is "饭" and also 吃饭 does not mean "eating rice" it means eating a meal.


Where's 米饭。。。


我吃飯 should be accepted (again)!


I believe this “我吃饭” should be translated as "I eat food" as 饭 is simply "food". Hence “I eat rice" should rather be “我吃米饭” or “我吃米”

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