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Is it wrong to write texts in Duolingo Discussion and to ask someone to correct it?

I wrote a text in Japanese course and asked someone to help me with its grammar, but there were a lot of dislikes. The content of the text was about a boy who lives in Japan, nothing serious, so I didn't understand why there were a so many dislikes.

Is it wrong what I did? Can't I write texts in Duo Discussion? Thanks :D

[sorry about my English, feel free to correct me]

November 17, 2017



I don't see anything wrong with it, but I think they downvoted it due to better sites like Lang8.


Yes, Lang8 is a website where you do exactly that - upload texts written in another language and ask native speakers to correct it. That can and has happened on the Duo forum but the forum here is not really set up for it.


Lang-8 is a wonderful website but I have stopped recommending it because they are no longer accepting new registrations.


Thanks! I will use that site from now on :D


I discovered that I have an account on that site. It is HiNative, isn't it? But I prefer Duolingo platform :( Can't I write posts like that? You said it has happened on forum, but is it wrong or boring? I don't want to bother people here. Thanks :)


Oh, I understand. I will check this site out! Thanks xD


You might want to lead in clarifying what it is and why you want help. Many people here look very negatively on - and will down vote accordingly - people crowd sourcing their homework solutions. Not saying you were, but you should explain what you want corrected and why.


That's true, thank you :) I should say what was the text for. I wrote a radom text in Japanese and I wanted to know if it was correct, I didn't think that people should understand like if I was sheeting my homework


I think you meant "cheating," instead of "sheeting." Sheeting is what we use to cover e.g. old, leaky windows :)


Oh, true haha sorry xD


If I were to down-vote someone asking for help, it would be for that reason. I can think of at least one instance where someone was apparently freaked out by her/his homework assignment and asking for more help than seemed reasonable.


OH MY GOSH! Don't even think about that twice. You did nothing wrong for a language learning site. However, there are "trolls" who have nothing better to do than to squash other people legitimate concerns. If it revolves around language learning.....go for it. If it is "spam", or something redundant, or FaceBook-ishy stuff then you should expect down votes. You might want to preface what you are attempting in your discussion topic so people who open that know what they are getting into. But in the end the bad citizens, "trolls", still own the site.


Yeah, unfortunately it's true :,( There are a lot of people who want to make other people angry or sad. I just wanted to learn more, because my Japanese is terrible haha I wrote a radom text and wanted to know if it was correct.

About the sentence "You might want to preface what you are attempting in your discussion topic so people who open that know what they are getting into.", I'm not sure if I understood what you said (sorry, my English is not good). Did you say that I have to write what I want in that post (like, I want help because...)? If you wanted to mean this, I agree with you. I made a mistake because I didn't say why I was asking for correction. Like DCarl1 said, people can understand I'm trying to sheet something.

Thank you!! xD


You've already gotten some good responses. One thing I can think of is perhaps you posted in an inappropriate forum. If you posted in Japanese in the general Duolingo forum, folks will usually down vote it. If you posted in the Japanese for English speakers forum, you should be fine.


True, but I posted it in Japanese for English speakers topic :D Thanks


I have only found two errors in you text.

Here is the line corrected: "Is it wrong what I did? Can't I write texts in Duo discussions? Thanks :D"

P.S. Your English is good. Keep improving it!


People randomly down vote spam folks asking for help no idea why.


That's sad :/ Some people, like me, just want to learn...


Don't let it bug you, from what I can tell its just a few people with multiple accounts, not the majority. If you get 4-5 downvotes instantly that's just one person. As a whole duolingo community is helpful and friendly most people putting they effort into learning another language are cool folks.

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