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Feature Request: Option to Disable Tile Puzzles on Mobile

I'm sorry if this point has come up a million times already, but does anyone apart from me want to be able to disable tile puzzles on mobile Duolingo?

I only use Duolingo on the web because I like having to think up and spell entire sentences. Whenever a tile puzzle comes up when using the app, where you are presented with a selection of whole words to arrange into a sentence, I feel like I'm wasting my time. They're so easy to solve without paying much proper attention.

I understand why they exist, but surely some people don't mind typing on their phone. If there was an option to always give the user a free-entry text box, then it would be possible to do the same exercises on both web and mobile.

November 17, 2017


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I use both the web and mobile and I like that exercise on the web as it saves me from having to type/text an entire sentence. I do try to think of the sentence 1st before looking at the words in the tiles and hope my initial thought was correct.


Do you mean you would like that kind of exercise to be available on the web version? If so, I agree. I think it would be ideal if an on-off setting worked on both web and mobile, as it would help web users who prefer to type less, as well as mobile users who would prefer to type more.

The new Chinese course has tile puzzles on the web (called word bank), with the option to turn it off, so that functionality already exists. Is it on other courses already?


Japanese at least; I'd guess Korean, too.


I've just realised there's a mobile web version of Duolingo. There are some display and navigation glitches (on Chrome Android), but it works, and there are no tile puzzles, so that more or less solves the problem for me. Nevertheless, it would be great to have that option within the app.


Yep. I never use the app on my phone. It's not often I use my phone for Duolingo, but when I do I always use the web version instead because it doesn't have the silly tiles (not to mention you can get the grammar notes and discussions this way).

"Request desktop site" in the Chrome mobile browser menu is handy, as using Duolingo this way it becomes pretty much identical to using the web version on a computer. ^^

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