"I only eat corn for dinner."

Translation:저는 저녁으로 옥수수만 먹습니다..

November 17, 2017

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Why is 저녁에 wrong? It said 아침에 to translate "for breakfast" was correct in a different lesson and 아침으로 was wrong? Are these interchangeable or is there something different in context as they are both written as 'for' breakfast or dinner

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    sorry I'm not native. Does it mean "eat only corn in dinner and nothing else" or eat corn only in dinner, not in breakfast"?


    The sentence means that only corn and nothing else was eaten for dinner. The sentence does not imply anything about other meals.


    Then "I eat only corn for dinner" would be a more precise translation


    Yes. That is what I type every time, and it is accepted as correct.


    I wrote the same but in different order. Why is that wrong? What are the order rules?


    The way I see it, it's like a string of beads. In English, the word order is Verb + Direct Object + Indirect Object. So for this sentence, I just flipped the string the other way but the "beads" stay stuck the same way. Hope that analogy helps!


    Your analogy of a string of beads is nice. Yes, Korean word order is different from the English word order, but as you said, we just move the words. In English the order is S TrV IO DO. However, this sentence does not have any IO. Corn is DO. "for dinner" is a prepositional phrase. --- I've taught English for 35 years. :)


    there arent really order rules due to the use of grammatical and derivational morphology, right? yeah the emphasis might change, but the meaning doesnt really change if i mix up 옥수수만 and 저녁으로, right?


    저는 저녁에 옥수수만 먹어요. XXX 저는 아침에 반찬만 먹어요. CORRECT Could someone please explain the difference between these two. Thanks.


    "저녁으로 저는 옥수수만 먹습니다." Many other sentences allow the subject and the adverb to be interchangeable, but this sentence will not allow the adv to be first.


    Can someone explain why 저녁으로 is the right option instead of 저녁에, please?


    What part of the sentence implies 'only' ?


    cant i write 저녁을


    That would make dinner the direct object instead of corn. The sentence says "for dinner," so it needs 으로 or 에 for the word "for."


    나는 저녁으로 옥수수만 먹어요 should be accepted right? is there anything wrong with it?


    제가 저녁으로 옥수수만 먹어요 is not accepted?

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