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  5. "我只要这条蓝裙子。"


Translation:I just want this blue dress.

November 17, 2017



I find it odd that they are teaching colors without the word 色. I've never heard any Chinese speaker say something like 蓝裙子, they would say 蓝色的裙子. I'm not an expert; just saying the construction Duolingo is using seems odd.


I've checked out colors on utube and the mandarin teacher gave examples of 色的 and also, only the color, without 色的。


I want just this blue dress. Should be acceptable?


I think "I only need this blue dress." can also be a correct answer.


I think it should accept "I only want this blue dress." But to clearly express "need" it likely will have to be more than "只要“. For "I only need this blue dress" you probably would have to more specifically say "我只需要这条蓝裙子“ or possibly "我只要这条蓝裙子就行了."


Help please! In my first Mandarin course we were taught that colors, being adjectives, always come after the noun they are modifying. So what's with the lán qúnzi?


I've never heard of that rule. Are you maybe thinking of the sentence form "this X is Y colored?"


Is there a reason it doesn't let you replace 要 with 想?


想 alone means "to think of", to use it in the context of "to want" it should preceeds another verb such as 我想吃, 我想要,我想做 etc so you could use 我想要 which means "I think of wanting to" which doesn't make sense in English but it does in Chinese.


Rather than "I just want...", would it not be better to say "I want just...", as the modifier is misplaced in the "correct" version?


Either form is correct.


Is that Monica's dress that you want?

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