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  5. "你的家在哪儿?"


Translation:Where's your home?

November 17, 2017



I have a pronunciation question...I don't hear the last character, "儿", being pronounced here. Is this normal?


Although the character is individually pronounced as "nǎ" and "ér", "哪儿" sounds like "nǎr." In Chinese this phenomenon is called "儿化"(érhuà) or "erization." and is not used mush elsewhere, as frawaradR mentioned.
I am from Taiwan and "~儿" is not often used here so correct me if I am wrong.


You're correct. 儿话 is something from the Beijing region and the Northern Mainland.

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Or Boston


2020.5.19 Yeah, I prefer to use 哪裡。 But there are so many "Chinese". Just pick the one you prefer and go with that.

Just like there is UK English, US English, Aussie English, Canadian English, South African English, New Zealand English etcetera


Do they need to have the word "drunk" in one of the word bank options?


Could this also be where do you live? I tried that and got it wrong. I know 家 is literally house, but not many people live in places other than a house/apartment residence.


Where do you live would be 你住在哪儿. It means the same thing, but it's a different sentence.


"Where is your home."

let it be simple,don't make me confused.


Did not take "where is your home".


I reported that it said I missed a word but didn't tell me the correct answer in Chinese. I came here to see the correct Chinese answer.


The sentence can also be translated as "Where is your family?"

[deactivated user]

    This is a bit confusing because other courses teach different. ie.. Beijing northern dialect = 哪儿 Nǎ'er - Where; 这儿 Zhè'er - Here; 那儿 Nà'er - There.

    For southern dialect they use = 哪里 Nǎlǐ - Where; 这里 Zhèlǐ - Here; 那里 Nàlǐ - There.


    I initially read this as, "Where are you from?" but it was marked incorrect. What is the difference?


    I would think "where are you from?" Wouldnt be accepted because of the english difference in meaning.

    "Where are you from" indicates place of origin where as "where is your home?" And "where do you live" can indicate current residence since the person may not live in the same place they were born.

    I think Duo wants "where is your home" because of 家 (home). For place of origin, I think 乡土 would be used since I think it means native soil (in other words, native land), but I could be wrong, I do struggle with remembering the meaning sometimes.


    Can this be used in the same way as "Where do you live?"


    "Where is your home" isn't incorrect.


    I wrote, "Where is your house?" Is that too different?


    To answer this question, would you reply with an address, city location or country? I am trying to determine exactly what this sentence means as there could be multiple interpretations/ways to answer in English.


    Duo's sentence is most likely just the general area of the city or the city itself.

    For a physical address, a question probably would include the word, 地址

    For the country, you would ask 你来自哪里?


    I didn't press check because i wanted to fix a typo (I wrote my instead of your) but all by itself it marked it incorrect


    'is' was missing please correct


    There is a verb there. The question word is "Where'S" not "Where"
    "Where's" is short for "Where is"

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