"Do you know who the new principal is?"


November 17, 2017

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Is it necessary to use both 誰 and 嗎 to form the question in this example?


Yes. 誰 is part of the inner question (新校长是誰). 吗 turns the outer sentence (你知道X) into a question. Without 吗 it would be a statement: "You know who the new principle is"


I'm confused with that too. Isn't 谁 already a question word? Why is the 吗 needed afterwards?


Yes, without "ma" the sentence becomes more of a statement. Like "you know who the new principal is". The "ma" can be interpreted like adding "right?" to the end of the sentence.


I don't understand why the sentence needs the particle 吗,since 谁 already introduce a question. Exemple 这是谁的笔? you don't say 这是谁的笔吗?


Without 吗 you would ask for his/her name. This way you ask if the other person even knows who the new principal is (his name, previous jobs and so on).


Without 吗 it's actually a statement of fact, "You know who the new principal is."

To ask the name, you would also need to remove 你知道 from the beginning.


Why are both 谁 and 马 required?


Because it is asking a yes or no question!

Do you know who the new principal is? 你知道新校長是誰嗎 Yes/no 知道/不知道

He is not asking who the new principal is (this would require some kind of description or name), so if he were asking this, it would be 呢), rather he is asking if the person knows who the new principal is. He either knows or he does not know, therefore it is 嗎.

"你們的新校長是誰(呢)?" would be fine, but the nuance is different.


Do you know who is the new teacher? 你知道新的老師是誰嗎?

You know who is the new teacher 你知道新的老師是誰

Who is the new teacher? 新的老師是誰?


In your first two sentences, you need to move "is" to the end. In those sentences, "who" is a relative pronoun and not an interrogative pronoun, so it doesn't cause an inversion after it.

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    I think 谁 refers to the teacher (who is the teacher) and 吗 refers to 你 (do"you" know the name). There are two questions in the sentence. I would accept both 谁 and 吗。




    你知道谁是新的校长?Is this correct?


    Can I use this sentence? 你知道吗新校长是谁??


    It is shei 2 not shui 2 for who

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