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  5. "She forgets the bad man."

"She forgets the bad man."

Translation:Ea îl uită pe bărbatul rău.

November 17, 2017



Omul instead of bărbatul is not correct?


How do you pronounce "îl uită" (since it appears to be a liaison)?


There is no liaison, wrong bot. In Romanian you read as you write, and here there are three separate words. In speech, people will say ”ea-l uită” -- there is no ”î/â” pronounced, and you say it mostly in one word, writing is correct both ways (like Duo wrote it, or with hyphen), and generally all Romanians will avoid ”crowded” vocals which are mouthful (difficult) to pronounce, if they can, except when speaking deliberately rare (slow) for clarity. But if you write "ea îl uită”, then you pronounce ”ea îl uită”. Breath out three times, stop three times. :P

Careful with the stress, "ùi-tă” (first syllable stressed) -- "she forgets", "she is forgetting" (present tense)

But ”ui-tằ” (second syllable stressed - ha! I actually made an 'a' with a breve and a grave, haha! well done sir!) - this would mean "she forgot" or "she was forgetting". In Romanian, same as in Spanish and other Latin languages, "past is last" i.e. we accentuate the last syllable to get the short past. Also, easy to remember, do not accentuate the last if you want the present, i.e. think of English, it is "prè-sent tense" and not "pre-sènt tense", hehe...


I said "Ea îl uită pe bărbatul cel rău" and it was marked wrong. Is it wrong to include "cel"?

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