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  5. "저에게 편지를 쓸 것이에요?"

"저에게 편지를 것이에요?"

Translation:Will you write me a letter?

November 17, 2017



My left over words say: 'libraries eat sea bananas"


Another example of a poor job by DuoLingo with the translation, needs to be much more flexible, 저에게 편지를 쓸 것이에요? Are you going to write me a letter? Sounds just about right to me... but no... the only answer acceptable is Will you write me a letter? This type of question needs revision and should allow for more flexibility


Keep in mind that this is still the Beta Version.

This means that they know that everything is not perfect yet, but they still allow people to use it, in order to report problems when they see them.

If you want absolutely no problems, wait until they release the definitive version.


Just flag the question.


there's your letter, you're welcome


Wow so funny i aplaud

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