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  5. "学校在饭馆的旁边。"


Translation:The school is next to the restaurant.

November 17, 2017



Surely "The restaurant is next to the school" should be accepted as it is not a direct location marker like left or right in the sense that two articles can both be next to each other?


I agree - "the restauarant is next to the school" means exactly the same thing as "the school is next to the restaurant"


Then why didn't you write "The school is next to the restaurant" in the first place; if they are exactly the same?

Perhaps you don't really know whether 饭馆 means restaurant or school, so you switch them around and try to prove that it doesn't matter because the sentence means the same anyway. ;-)


Good point, it's a lesson in recognising the writen language as well as verbal phrases.




I used the word 飯館 many times while talking with chinese people and all people laughed at me and told me i should rather use the word 餐廳=canting, because 飯館 is very old fashioned!


Also please accept: The school is near the restaurant, the school is by the restaurant. The pronunciation of 校 is exceptionally bad here.


Near≠Next to


No, "...near the restaurant" would be: "学校在饭馆的附近".

[deactivated user]

    although they mean similar things, they are not the same thing and still have slightly different meanings.


    Why is 'The school is next to a restaurant' incorrect? A and The should be interchangable articles here.


    "The school is located next to the restaurant" - marked wrong I really wish they would let us be more literal in our translations!


    I wrote the school's next and it ess marked wrong. Duolingo knows Chinese better than English, apparently.

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