"Ja, au├čer wenn es regnet."

Translation:Yes, except when it rains.

November 17, 2017



I think "Yes, except if it rains" should also be accepted.

May 4, 2018


What's the difference between wenn and wann?

October 31, 2018


"Wenn" can mean "when" or "if". "Wann" can only mean "when." "When will you go?" requires "Wann," not "Wenn."

The following is from the WordReference forum (https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/wenn-wann.999943/#post-5236170: ) :

"Wenn means if or when in the sense of a logical consequence or in the sense of a causal relationship. It is the fact that a causal succession implies a temporal one which gives wenn a certain temporal connotation but the meaning of an if..then relationship is always the primary one."

October 31, 2018


Why would 'Yes, apart from when it rains' not be acceptable. It is how I automatically saw it

February 17, 2019


Probably just a missing alternative. Report it.

May 14, 2019
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