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"Das ist eine Karte der Netzwerke."

Translation:That is a map of the networks.

November 17, 2017



the hint for Netzwerke is completely wrong. it showed "moisten/am working/am moistening" when I hovered over it. Someone please fix this.


Oh, yes, they translate it like (be)netzen and/or werken. That's ridiculous. By the way, there are some strange puns in German, where nouns look like verbs, but they aren't. Obvious when you look at the capitalization.

  • Wie konjugiert man Stahlhelme? Ich stahl Helme, du stahlst Helme, er/sie/es stahl Helme, ...
  • same for Trugbilder: Ich trug Bilder, du trugst Bilder,...

With Netzwerke it's not so wrong, because netzwerken is fancy new verb for networking: Ich netzwerke, du netzwerkst, er/sie/es netzwerkt. But actually it's a horrible word creation.....


Your readers should speak more clearly.

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Extremely bad pronunciation of Netzwerke

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and the voice for woman sounds much more like "deine" instead of "eine"


Immer noch nicht behoben


How does one know Netwerke is plural. Is "der Netwerke" not genitive female ?

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Das Netzwerk is singular.

Die Netzwerke is plural

In the genitive case the singular version would be des Netzwerks, whereas the genitive plural (which we have in this case) is der Netzwerke.


It is genitive plural

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