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Audio Missing on Time 1

On "一月"="yīyuè" and "一号" = "yīhào", the audio is conspicuously missing...there's just silence. I already know some Chinese, so I was able to get through this, but this would be awful confusing to a new learner.

This would also be very easy to fix, correct? I reported the audio being broken using the in-site tools. Would it help to also file a bug report or would that just waste people's time?

I never know if I'm reporting things through the right channels when I'm using DuoLingo. I want to be helpful, but I have a frequent track record of reporting things and then seeing them go unfixed for weeks, months, even years, even sometimes really basic / simple stuff that seems like it would be easy to fix.

November 17, 2017



Yes, the audio is delayed for about 5 seconds (which is slow; count on the timer). It happens in other languages too, but in Chinese when you select a card you don't hear anything and you just have to wait.


Your explanation doesn't fit with what I experienced.

I waited more than 5 seconds and never heard any audio. And it only happened on these exercises. I think something is wrong with these particular exercises. The whole rest of the course worked fine for me, and had no delay.

There's no need to downvote my discussion thread either. What did I ever do to you (or whoever downvoted my comment, I recognize it may not be you)? I'm here to raise a valid concern and whoever did that, comes in and introduces unnecessary negativity into it? Really now. I'm trying to make the world a better place and contribute to improving this course by sharing thoughtful concerns in a respectful way.


Sometimes I don't experience any sound either.

And also, what reasons do you have to assume I downvoted your thread? It might seem like it, but I did not downvote it, and you have no proof I did it. So please, don't jump to conclusions.


I'm sorry, I don't know, I wasn't thinking rationally, I was just upset because I had seen that my thread had been downvoted.

I have felt very upset / frustrated lately because a lot of my threads are being heavily downvoted when I'm trying really hard to help.

If they're not going to actively police the forums behind the scenes and remove or ban the users who downvote maliciously, I wish DuoLingo would remove the downvote buttons...I think it introduces unnecessary negativity into the culture here.

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