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  5. "今天星期几?"


Translation:What day is it today?

November 17, 2017



The hover-over hints are confusing here, they say "星期" for "week" but the correct translation is "what day is it"? It makes more sense in this context to translate "星期" as "day" in the hover-over hints. I reported this 11/17/17.


My input is "what day of the week is today?" and the system accepts. In Chinese, when you ask 今天星期幾, though there is 星期日, there can be one to six 一 to 六, and this question is widely used. If you ask what day is it, the answer of national day, new year, x'mas or any festival or public holiday or anniversary can be expected and accepted.


"期" is pronounced as "qí"(2nd tone) in Taiwan.


This is Chinese practice but thank you for the information.


The hover-over hints confused me too but the comment below "what day of the week is today" helps. would a Chinese speaker also ask "what day of the month is today" (expecting an answer 1-31) and "what day of the year is today" (expecting special occasion or the full date)?


今天几号? is how to ask "What numeric day of the month is today?" in Mandarin.


星期 is week, why the answer is "day"? May be we need a fix here teacher?


Roughly, the Chinese say: (is) today which (day) of the week?


Whether or not it's ambiguous, it's natural in English (at least where I live) to say "What day is it?" And I have reported it, on October the fifteenth, 2019.


I am also confused between week and day!


what is the difference between this and 今天几号?i thought that they meant the same thing


今天几号? means "What (numeric) day of the month is today?"
今天星期几? means "What day (of the week) is today?"


is there any particular reason that here, 几 comes after instead of before? meaning it comes after "week" in "星期几“ but comes before month/day in "几月几号“?

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