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  5. "My home is in Beijing."

"My home is in Beijing."


November 17, 2017



北= North 京= Capital 北京= Beijing, or literally "Northern Capital" [of China]

東= East 京= Capital 東京= Tokyo or literally "Eastern Capital" [of Japan]

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還有南京, 但沒有西京




Can we say in usual conversation 我的家是北京 instead of 我的家在北京 ????


Of course not! If 「我的家是北京」, the whole Beijing(or called “Peking”) would be your home.


If you want to say beijing is your home, you say 「北京是我的家園」or 「北京是我的家」,not the other way 'round.


Would it be correct to say 我的家在北京里?I was marked wrong for that. Would you not use 里 for "in" a city?


You don't need 里 because 在 already means "located [in/at]". It doesn't have a direct English translation.


I have a problem If i talk about a person i have to use "shì" then say the place and add 'rén' And this would make the person lives in X place

But talking about a home i had to use ' zhu zai'

Confuses me a bit


是+place+人 literally means "be place-person," meaning "be (a) place-ese." This implies the person is from the place but doesn't necessarily live in the place.


When I went to translate it the 家(home) character had the sound of Beijing(北京), and yet there was no Beijing character on the options. I know my characters are right! What is going on!
我的家在家。This is what it said the correct translation was. And then it told me I was wrong when I did it! It has also been freezing up on me since three days ago(Wednesday 31, 2018). Is duolingo having difficulties? If so can they tell me? Is anyone else having this problem? If you think it is my internet, it is not because I have checked that AND I do have the latest duolingo. Not sure what is going on but I do think it is a problem with duolingo. I have seen other comments like this, none that say words are mixing up, but many peoples screens are freezing. If you know why this is going on, please inform me, because I can not keep up my streak if it freezes every time before I complete my lesson. I also don't want to learn any other words wrong.


I should seriously apply for contributor in this course


Does 在 function as its own verb? It looks like I don't say 是在。


Yes, it functions as a verb. Think of the word 「在」as "is/are [located] at".


It says that 我家在北京 And 我的家在北京 Are correct.
I was under the understanding that 我家 was "my home" and 我的家 was "my family".... is that not true?


家 means both home and family. The 的 can be droped because of closeness. If you are very close to someone/thing, you can drop the 的. For example; 我媽媽, (my mum) 我爸爸, (my dad) 我姐姐, (my elder sister) and 我弟弟.


That would be weird LOL.


pretty sure 的 is a possessive word, so with my home, they use that to make it a possessive, otherwise, it would be like in English "me home". Hope that makes sense.


Don't chinese people usually say 我们家 instead of 我家?


「我們」means "we"

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