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"Say it again."


November 17, 2017



Bad example

"Qing" is needed to show it as a command if there is no context. It does not mean only "please" 再說一次 can be "it is said once again" without the context of a conversation. "Yi ci" is "one time more" which is not written in the English


I was thinking the same thing! In my Chinese class, my teacher (who lived in Taiwan for over 40 years and is a native speaker) had always included "请" to indicate that it was a command. I was disappointed when it counted my answer wrong, when in reality it is correct. I filed a bug report for it.


Ok, where's the consistency. The first few times this was presented to me, the Chinese was "你再说一次“, now it's counting it wrong, and saying it's "再说一次”。 Pick something, or if you changed it, explain that, don't just change it, then suddenly mark something wrong that was right before, and something right that was wrong before. Sure fix it, but when you have made changes, document them in the answers given. I really am trying to learn, but also fighting the frustration of a system that obviously has limitations based on the fact that the system is still being built. It would help lessen the frustration that when an answer is updated, that it has some sort of notation that pops up that explains the reason. (i.e. better accuracy, better grammar.) Also with the "sentences" indicate if the situation is spoken or written, as answer A works better in spoken situations, while answer B works better in written ones.


Wrong just for adding 请


What is the reason why "你再說一次" is marked as incorrect? Isn't the subject of the english sentence "you"?


why is "zai shuo" by themselves not acceptable?


is there a breakdown of what these individual characters mean? why does that one go at the start


Is the '一次' at the end necessary or is it enough colloquially to say '再说'?


What's the difference between 一次 and 一遍?


What is the difference in "zai shuo yici" and zai shuo yibian"?


I was always taught that you could just say 再说 without the 一次


还说一次 hai shuo yici sounds right though, then again that's probably incorrect


There is no sound for 再说。。。


Very confusing that there is no 你 (ni) - you. And that without any explanation.


Pinyin: "Zàishuō yīcì." 再说一次。



Why not 'shuo zai yi ci'?

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