"Drink clear water."

Translation:맑은 물을 드세요.

November 17, 2017

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드시다 - honorific form of both base verbs:

마시다 (to drink) and 먹다 * (to eat) (먹다 has another honorific form, 잡수시다).

드시다 is believed to come from 드다 (of which one of the meanings is 'make part of').

Using with food and beverages, 드시다 literally means 'please, accept this as part of yourself'.

In English (as many previous posts have pointed out), it is the equivalent of "taste, relish, savor, enjoy" etc.


Is it really just '드세요' not something related to 마신다?


마신다 is a correct answer. 드세요 is a formal word for 먹다 (yes Koreans do say "eat liquid")


Great explanation!


Polite way of saying "Please try/enjoy/treat yourself with "something one can drink or eat" = "something" + 드세요

You can use for both drinking and eating.

피자 드세요 = Please try pizza/enjoy pizza

콜라 드세요 = Please drink/enjoy/treat yourself with coke

햄버거 드세요 = Please enjoy/try hamburger

사이다 드세요 = Please drink/enjoy/treat yourself with soda/7 UP

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