November 17, 2017

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Here's a sentence to help you remeber this: I have 40 pieces of SUSHI.


Lex Luthor stole SìShí Cakes. That's four tens. And that's terrible.


These really don't make much sense when there's only one option with two characters


Thats is what im trying to say. Since theres only one option with two characters people will pick thus not actually learning it. If there were more answers with two characters it would cause people to think and learn about their answer


Or actually only have single character options and you have to find the right individual characters...


correctamente I agree with you mi hombre


that's why you should use the keyboard, not the options. Try duo lingo on a laptop its a lot better imo How to use the keyboard? Just make sure that you have pinyin-simplified keyboard on.


Ive done great on all these test and i have no idea what these numbers are...


Same here! I think most smartphones are big enough for us to draw one character on the screen. Wish they had the drawing practice and then translation practice where wr had to translate English to Chinese but draw the characters ourselves. I feel paranoid about moving to the next lesson because I'm nit convinced I have really absorbed the characters so far.


@Jorge it will come. Keep practicing.


I have forty pieces of sushi


I have trouble with the pronunciation of 四, I am trying but it's a tongue-twister to me ( Dutch-speaker), I was looking if I could find some help on Youtube and I encountered this ( Dutch-Chinese counting ) : My opinion is that she pronounce the Chinese numbers slightly different, easierer to me, My question is, does that lady have a good pronunciation ?


The hints section for the next lesson gave an interesting clue: Basically like the "go" when you scream "Ready-set-go" but with an "s" instead of a "g"


I think ghey should include a bit where we can draw the symbol with our finger too, so that we can get used to writing the language

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