"The boys are tall, the children are short."

Translation:Băieții sunt înalți, copiii sunt scunzi.

November 17, 2017



Băieții sunt înalți, copiii sunt scurți.

July 22, 2018



November 17, 2017


Copiii with 3 i's, is that correct?

March 30, 2019


Yes. In romanian the word 'kids' is weird because: The singular form of 'kid' in romanian is 'copil' 'copi' means nothing 'copii' in romanian is the regular plural form 'copiii' is the articled plural form You ll see in the future that we have 2 tipes of articles. Romanian it s a beautiful and hard language. I hope i was helpful. P.s: some sinonims for copil in a slang version =)) :plod, odrasla, fiu (m.) /fiica (f) (regular way of speaking)

April 11, 2019
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