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  5. "8:45 in the morning."

"8:45 in the morning."


November 17, 2017



It's better to say 早上


Is this as a native speaker? As a learner I'm picking up that, if the time is expressly stated, you use the 午 form of time; otherwise, at least in this course, 早 should be used. :p


scratch that,,


Shouldn't "早上九点差一刻" work?


1 / 17 / 2020 4:17 PM, still is not accepted.

Wow, 2 years later and that response is still not accepted. What's weird is that Duo has some lessons that incorporate 差 for stating the time, but for some reason that isn't applied to this problem.


It's accepted now, 2020-03-03.


早上九点差一刻 is still wrong..


not accepted 4/15/2020


通常「上午」是指九點到中午,相當於late morning. 早上則指early,morning.


Could 早上 maybe be added?


How long has this course been out, and the hover-over hints are still missing? I report it every time I see it, but I have yet to see a single one of my reports about these hints being wrong or missing, acted on.

Are any of the course contributors even checking the reports about the hover-over hints or are they focusing exclusively on the sentence translations?

I think it would improve the course significantly if there were better hover-over hints, especially in the earlier exercises or sections, ones likely to have the largest number of beginners practicing them repeatedly.


Course been out awhile and still no stories :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


Stories are the staff's decision. Course contributors don't have a role to play there. Italian being one of the older course doesn't have stories either. We might have to wait a while. I've read that Japanese stories are being worked on. This could be a good news depending on how you look at it.


As far as I know, "wu" is roughly the equivalent of "noon", and lasts from 11am until 1pm. Although "shangwu" literally means "before noon", wouldn't "zaoshang" be more appropriate to use when referring to 8.45am? 8.45am is, as it were, "more about" the "morning" than it is about "noon"...


I learned from another class that zaoshang is up to 8AM only.


This should explain more, i still don't understand it


上午八时四十五分 is the "formal" way of saying this. Otherwise, 早上八点四十五(分) is better.


Should use zao shang instead of shang wu?


Both are technically correct, but it definitely shouldn't be marking 早上 as incorrect. Both mean morning, but with 早上 referring to an earlier time range than 上午. 早上 is like "early morning" from like 6:00 - 10:00, and 上午 is "pre-noon" from 8:00 to 12:00. Given that there's no other context in the sentence to make a distinction between the two, idk why Duo doesn't just accept both.


給我用「 上午8點45分」 吧! 哈哈


It needs to be 三刻 instead of 四十五分。


I thought the same. Can anyone explain why this is wrong?


It doesn't need to be, but that is another valid way to say the time.

“九点差一刻”,“八点三刻”,and “八点四十五(分)” are all valid ways to say 8:45.

Now if Duo is saying that 三刻 isn't acceptable, that's wrong. Send in a report. I know it's also not accepting the 差 version.


I got it right...

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