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Microphone problem

my computer microphone works properly but in Duolingo the microphone seems disabled. How can I fix it? Does anybody know? The microphone option in setting is already on

June 29, 2012



The same thing is happening to me. My computer mic works fine (I Skype with family abroad every day). I made sure the microphone is turned "ON" in Duolingo, but when I get to a question that asks me to record nothing happens when I hit the "Record" button. I can't skip the question and can't record, so I ended up just turning the option off...but I'd love to practice speaking if I can! Please fix this Duolingo!


I had the same problem. I Skype regularly but although I have turned microphone on and told the setting box which microphone to use it did not work. I just went back in again though and this time checked the little box and also the remember box and it worked, rather than as I previously did which was click on the allow link. This time I had already changed my setting to microphone on before I attempted to record.

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