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  5. "饭馆的电话号码是多少?我要订位。"


Translation:What is the restaurant's phone number? I want to book a table.

November 18, 2017



Please fix. "What is the phone number of the restaurant? I want to book a table" is okay too..


Yes, your translation should have been accepted. I find Duolingo kind a confusing, and I think they should fix their standards of accepting whether which is the more correct answers and/or show list of the allowable answers to that effect.


"...I want to make a reservation" is marked wrong.


It's accepted now. 12/23/17


I want to make reservations is marked wrong.


I just tried "What is the phone number of the restaurant ? I want to book a table" and it was marked wrong (05/16/2018)


"What is the restaurant's phone number?" and "What is the phone number of the restaurant?" are completely equivalent in English.


My app wrote the entire answer itself and then marked me wrong for a misplaced apostrophe??


That's especially strange because Duolingo typically ignores punctuation errors.


I've never heard anyone ask how much a phone number is, and it's definitely not an idiom that I've ever heard or used. I always used something like, "饭馆的电话号是什么?“


Came here to say the same thing, although Google Translate supports "电话号码是多少". Can a native Chinese speaker confirm if "电话号码是多少" is a normal phrase?


The normal way to ask a phone number varies by region. In some places is is "...電話號碼是什麼" in others it is "...電話號碼是多少"。 Some Duolingo exercises accept either, not sure if every single exercise fully supports 什麽 but 多少 is the form that is accepted in every exercise. See "Contact" in row 6 for where this was introduced.


I agree with you, and you are definitely right. ü


I can confirm what @mendosi says. I'm not a native speaker, but I have been around quite a few, and I have heard them use 多少 and 什么 interchangeably when asking for a phone number.


"What is the telephone number of the restaurant? I want to book a table." was marked wrong when it is an absolutely correct translation. Please fix!!!


"What is the restaurant's phone number? I want to reserve a table." was not accepted.


"What is the telephone number of the restaurant? I want to book a table" is also fine.


Make a reservation and book a table means the same!


What is the phone number of the restaurant? I want to make a reservation? This is what I wrote and it was found to be wrong. This is a good translation and means exactly the same thing as yours.


I want to reserve a place. No?


How is "行位" "book a table"? The tips say 位 refers to people formally. So, I want to book. For people. But who says I'm booking a table? I could be booking a room, the entire restaurant, or maybe the garden terrace or whatever the place would allow to make a booking for.


"What's the restaurant's number? I want to book."

This should also be accepted.


the phone number of the restaurant, OR the restaurant's phone number. Why call one correct and the other wrong? Poor method.


I agree, Duolingo must fix this error.


What is the phone number of the restaurant? Incorrect. Please. Fix. Seriously wondering if it's worth going on with this course


What's the telephone number of the restaurant? I'd like to make a reservation.


that was my answer except I used booking instead of reservation, and it was marked wrong - please fix to include booking/book (v) like we use in Australia


does "What is the restaurant's telephone number? I want to book" work?


"What is the phone number of the pub? I want to book a table." - market wrong - is it really a big difference between "pub" and restaurant? when i asked google to look for the pictures of "饭馆", many restaurants and pubs apeared - simply places where food and drink is served


Oh, wow, that gets into idiomatic British English vs American English. Here in the US, "pub" is equivalent to "bar" rather than "restaurant" or "eatery". But yeah, I see your point. Just wait until we get to "酒吧"! :)


饭馆 is literally "food shop". If that's not a restaurant, what is?


"What is the restaurant's phone number? I want to make a booking." was marked incorrect.

I really wish Duolingo had an option to report errors in this type of question.

I really wish Duolingo would read and react to error reports a bit more quickly.

I really wish Duolingo would adjust other similar questions when they correct an error.

I really wish Duolingo had fewer errors.


I put the exact right answer duolingo has : "What is the restaraunt's phone number? I want to book a table." And it marks it incorrect. Judging by the other comments in here this question has a bug.


"I want to book" is also correct without table


"What is the phone number of the restaurant" means exactly the same thing as the given correct answer, and is just acceptable in common English. And yet you say it is incorrect. Include both answers as correct.


You got it right sir. Hey Duolingo is this worth pushing through with your App?


"What is the telephone number of the restaurant?" was marked wrong. It is clearly a correct translation . Please fix


"What is the phone number of the restaurant? I want to book a table" Bruh. Y tho. Iz rite -__- The Chinese course has the worst most unnatural English answers


What's the number of the restaurant should be accepted.


It says I have a typo, but what I put is exactly what it says is correct


What is the telephone number of the restaurant? I want to book a table. It was marked wrong.


In the previous question i translated yao as want and it said it was wrong and should be would like. But here is says that yao is want and would like is wrong


I'm just wondering when they will fix this to accept the answer which everyone agrees is correct!!


“电话号码是多少“ is really strange , it should be ”电话号码是什么”


I can guarantee you that in Chinese it is correct to use 多少 in this context. Just remember that when we study such a far language to ours, we need to stop thinking on our language and how we would translate something based on our mother tongue or on our thinking.


I’m Chinese and i’ve spoken this language for some 28 years now, but thanks for assuming that I’m American or whatever it is you think. The differences may come down to regional slang and I can accept that, I’m not from Beijing. Over here we would also say “你的电话号码是几号”


Please add , What is the restaurants phone number? I want to book a table. Thank you for an excellent app.


Where is the table in this? 订位 simply means book, there is no table there in the least.

A fairer English answer would simply be

"What is the restaurant's phone number? I want to book".

But it won't accept that.

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Seconded and reported accordingly.


What is the difference between 想 and 要? They both seem to indicate "want" to me, though 想 seems to indicate more of a wish, and 要 seems to indicate something between a realistic hope and an expectation.


What makes this "I want to book" instead of "I am booking"? Since the translation hover says 我要 can mean "I am"


Context. You can’t be booking if you are asking for the phone number which you need in order to book.


I think it's proper in English though. If you're actively standing there with the phone in hand you can say "I am ordering", because you're in the process of ordering, and acquiring the number is a part of that process. I'm guessing it's not the same in Chinese?


the correct answer is not in the writing


Duo gave me the answer :(


Would appreciate if Duo had the "type the answer" option back


The answer was already there or was it just me?


......? I want to make a reservation. Should also be accepted


Please also allow "make a reservation" or "reserve a table". The choices here are limited and a bit disappointing.

The term "book" is fine, but is not commonly used for restaurant reservation.


Why my answer:"what is the restaurant phone number I want to make reservation" was rejected?


Making a reservation and booking a table are the exact same thing.


Please fix. "Make a reservation" is more common than "book a table" in my experience, at least in the uk.


For "我的妈妈订位了。", "My mom has reserved." was considered correct, so I translated "我要订位。" as "I want to reserve.", but now this was considered wrong. Some consistency would be nice here.


"What is the restaurant's phone number? I want to book a seat" should be accepted


Duolingo aarrrrggghhhh!!!!!!


I want to make a reservation is measured wrong June 2020


Long English typing is no fun. Probability of typos increases, and program will probably miss some equally correct variants of translation.


I wrote "饭馆的电话号码是多少 我要订位" - why is it wrong?


订 (dìng) = to agree/to order
位 (wèi) = position/seet(/classifier for people)
订位 (dìngwèi) = to book a table

Using wèi as a classifier for people:
几(jǐ) = how many
几位 (jǐwèi) = how many of you


Why is my answer "What is the restaurant's phone number? I want to make reservations." marked as incorrect? Thank you for any insights. :)


"What is the restaurant's phone number, I would like to book a table" should be accepted too.


What's wrong with my answer


I want to reserve a table is marked wrong, please correct


Isn't it more "I need to make a reservation/book a table" rather than "I want" since it's not xiang


What is the phone number for the restaurant? I need to make reservations. -Shouldn't this be accepted?


Need to fix a warning for a typo on the word "restaurant's" (the restaraunt's number) even using the Duolingo created blocks it states "you have a typo" fortunately it is not marked wrong but still erroneous to have this pop up from Duolingo.


I think "What is the restaurant's phone number? I would like to book a table" should be okay as well


Is it really reasonable that a reversion of the two sentences is not allowed? i.e. 'I want to book a table. What is the restaurant's phone number?'


the question is a little llllloooonnnngggg.....


"What is the number for the restaurant? I will make a reservation" marked wrong


"What is the restaurant's phone number? I want to RSVP" was marked incorrect. I think that should be accepted.

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Tables are "reserved" not ''booked". Ship passages and flights are booked, because back in the day before computers they would actually be written up in a book.


Book is also correct in some countries - after all using the 'book' logic, even today some restaurants still use a book to make a booking, as do hairdressers, etc. The application should include native translation options for all kinds of English, not just US English.


'I'd like to book a table please.' 'We reserved a table.'


book and reserve is the same


I'm sure restaurant reservations were also written in a book. I fail to see why "book" would be incorrect.


"restaurant's phone number" is not proper English. -> "restaurant phone number"

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