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DL: Please cross your small t's.

In the last couple of days I have mistaken words because the small t's look like l's . They look like " L's" because the "t's" are not crossed. This is across all 3 of my courses.

tu = lu the = lhe cette = celle

This occurs in the drop down hints , when I get a question wrong (the correct answer is displayed) and in the picture exercises .

When I get a question right and it displays the meaning of the sentence , the small "t's" are fine(crossed). All other text in the webpage is fine.

When I paste the text( with uncrossed t's into a text document , the "t's " are crossed.

So possibly a display issue , or your update is too advanced for my version of Firefox?

Any guidance or info on the issue would be appreciated.

November 18, 2017



Thanks , but it is not an issue of size. The t's are crossed using the same font and size when I get the answer right and it displays "the meaning".


Have you tried using a different browser? Chrome is generally recommended for Duo. Or a later version of Firefox perhaps.


You are probably right. I have not seen anyone else bringing up this issue since the update. My version of FF must not support the newer code.

Guess it's time to upgrade.

Thanks for the recommendations.


It's not the browser, it's happening all over. I use Chrome. All the "t's" now look exactly the like the "l's". I even noticed that the "f's" were not crossed. Since the "t's" and "f's" both don't have cross bars, I was thinking it must be a font change. But who, in their lack of wisdom, would invent a font where two different letters look exactly alike? And then who, in a language class, would install it? We used to be able to write a short sentence in the lesson telling the DL staff that there was a problem. But, they took that ability away from us. Now, all we can do is check a block that says something is wrong with the recording, or the English, or target language sentence. If you know where to report this, please do. I never can easily find the place where we are supposed to report problems.


Thanks for letting me know it is also occurring in Chrome. I agree , all we can do is check a box , which limits our ability to report a problem. I was hoping someone from the "inside" would see this post and look into it. I'll look for other alternatives.

It's getting into my subconscious . I'm seeing "Celle" (in place of "Cette") so often that I typed Celle into one of my answers!

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