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  5. "I hate boring books."

"I hate boring books."

Translation:저는 재미없는 책들을 싫어해요.

November 18, 2017



"싫어해요" doesn't mean "hate", though. It means "dislike". I've been corrected on this in previous lessons, but now it told me I was wrong? Inconsistent.


Both are accepted.


Yes, inconsistency seems to be a major flaw of the course in many areas-most notably in the choice of the "I" pronoun or whether to include it, verb endings, use of topic and subject particles, and plurals vs singular.


Feedback is all about fine-tuning. I didn't know if difference existed in the Korean word or only in translation to English


First person pronouns are optional/implied. This shouldn't be marked incorrect for omitting "저는" since the listener would understand the context.


I agree, but you need to report it. The folks working on bugs don't necessarily read the comments.


Pronouns, whether they be first person or not, can be optional at times, but definitely not always.

From Basics 4 skill tips and notes:

*Where is the subject?

When the subject (or any other sentence component) is well implied in the context, you may freely drop it in Korean, though you will mostly see and be asked to submit full sentences here since translation exercises do not come with any context. If you come across an incomplete sentence in this course, then the dropped component is probably people in general (often translated to one or you), or something very obvious even without context.


I thought you can use 들 only for multiple people and maybe animals, but why is it okay with books?


It is optional. It can be used to be clear, but if not needed from the context it is not needed. So I would think either 책 or 책들 should be accepted.


It is still not accepted, but I reported it 1/7/18


Both are accepted now.


I thought the tips and notes said that 들 is only used for people, not inanimate objects.


Me to my maths text book...


what's the difference between 책을 싫어해요 and 책이 싫어요?


Could 지루한 be used instead of 재미없는 for 'boring'?

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