"This is my mother."


November 18, 2017

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I'm a bit confused, the explanation said whenever I use "this" or "that" I should add the measure word "gè", any help? Also maybe it's my bad ears but I hear the tone as "ge"


Not necessary, 这是我的妈妈,这是我妈妈。this is my mother


個 is a generic noun classifier. With people you wouldn't use it. It takes some practice to see the correct usage in many different contexts.


I think it is also fine to leave out the 的 when talking about one's own family members. 我妈妈,我弟弟,我哥哥, etc should all be fine to say as what I've learn from my classes.


I also think the same , I have heard 这个 我 的 妈妈


D'oh. Possessive on family members is supposed to be optional.


the possessive particle can be dropped when talking about one's own family, this should be fixed


why is 这个我的妈妈。wrong?


You'd need the 是 to translate "is" but as for the 个, I wish I knew. I managed to leave it out, but gawd knows when these count/measure things have to be in, and when left out. Seems to be a random thing at present. As a general rule, if you've put it in, you're just wrong, but if you leave it out, then you're simply wrong. But I managed to buck the trend this time.


You need 是 to emphasize "to be" in this case; without it, it's like 我 have several mothers or stepmothers or mothers-in-law, and 我 am specifying a specific one of them.

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