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“I’m going to make that happen” in French.

Hello. So, I’m wanting to say “I’m going to make that happen” in French, but I’m a bit unsure about my structuring of it. I’m not really looking for something similar, like “I’ll make sure that happens (je veillerai à ce que cela se passe), but rather à translation as verbatim as it can be. Naturally, I’d say “Je vais faire cela se passer”, but I don’t know if I should say instead “Je vais faire que cela se passe”. Which one is right? Thank you very much for your help.

November 18, 2017



Je ferai en sorte que cela arrive.

faire en sorte que → ensure that, make sure that


But is it incorrect on a grammatical level to use “faire” in the sense that I did above. I don’t mean if that is what is said or not, but if the structure is lacking in a certain component.


Je dirais comme arielkangaroo, mais tu peux aussi :

Je vais faire en sorte que cela arrive.

Ta phrase a-t-elle le même sens que celle-ci ? : "I'll make it happen."


Ouais, elle a le même sens, pour autant que je sache.

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