"My family really likes to eat fruits."


November 18, 2017

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It feel like it's fairly common to just say "我家人" without the "的." When I first started living in Taiwan, I was told I overused "的." Is it a cultural difference or is this program just being really strict?


It's just a bit strict, informally you can leave out 的 between stuff like 我家人 and 我哥哥.


Both are acceptable, also when there are multiple 的 in a single clause, usually all but the last are omitted


It's just a bit strict. Informally, you can leave out 的 between stuff like 我家人 or 我哥哥.


All these people are correct. Minimise de usage. Especially for family and friends.


Still needs some tweaking - "likes to eat FRUIT" Another acceptable translation would be "My family very much likes to eat fruit." if you haven't gotten that one already, a bit closer to the Chinese sentence here. Otherwise "....REALLY likes....." might be something similar to "我家人真实很喜欢吃水果。" Correct me if my Chinese is wrong - You'd certainly hear this in colloquial speech, but I'm not too sure if it's entirely correct from a more strict grammatical viewpoint.


would 非常 be suitable in this sentence?(我的家人非常吃水果)


You missed the word "like"!

Correct answer: 我的家人非常喜欢吃水果。

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